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Apple Cider Vinegar and Other Top Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle This Winter

Apple Cider Vinegar and Other Top Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle This Winter

Sadly, the time has come for us to pack away the summer dresses and flip-flops and bring out the big coats and comfy boots – winter is on the way.

In order to ensure you are able to keep healthy during these cold and dark months, you may be searching for ways (aside from wrapping up warm) to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Covered extensively in the press and promoted by celebrities, there has been much said about the yearlong benefits of apple cider vinegar – in this blog, we’re going to look at why it is so revered, as well as offer some more tips on maintaining your ongoing wellbeing during the winter months.

The Natural Goodness of Apple Cider Vinegar

It’s all thanks to its versatility that ACV has been creating a buzz – it is commonly consumed as a refreshing drink in order to support the body’s wellbeing, used as an additional flavouring in a recipe and even utilised to soothe insect bites and to wash hair.

A key component of the natural goodness of apple cider vinegar that you may have heard so much about, is the inclusion of ‘the mother’ – the natural by-product of the vinegar’s creation. This element contains a number of proteins, enzymes and ‘good’ bacteria which makes it ideal to offer support to the wellness of the body, especially at a time when it may seem harder to go about your day as you would normally do. Quite simply, ACV is ideal for wintertime.

Other Winter Wellness Tips

It can be easy to forgo our usual schedules during the winter; staying in more or even indulging too much in things that we really shouldn’t. So with this, here are some other tips to keep up your healthy wellness routines this winter:

Keep Up Your Exercise and Activities. You shouldn’t let the potentially miserable winter weather dissuade you from getting out-and-about; whether it’s just yourself or the whole family, taking the time out to undertake new or old activities has a number of benefits. Maintaining a regular rate of exercise helps you to control your weight, give a boost to the immune system and even helps to raise happiness levels. The NHS also advises that going out may help to break any tensions that a family can feel, being cooped up inside the home.

Battle Winter Tiredness. Ever felt sluggish and tired during winter? These feelings are all too common; the shorter days and lack of light play havoc with our sleeping and waking cycles which mean  we either sleep too little or too much. To battle winter tiredness, the NHS recommends we:

Go outdoors in natural daylight for as much as possible.

Go to bed and wake up at the same times every day.

Use exercise and meditation as a way to destress (stress can be a major cause of tiredness).

The Importance of A Balanced Diet. In an attempt to forget about the awful weather outside, it can be tempting to fill up on unhealthy comfort food (as well as sit around, not doing much). It’s probably no surprise to learn that all this will lead to is weight gain and a lower mood. So in the winter, make sure you’re able to keep on the NHS’s recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Why not swap those ‘comforting’ sugary snacks, such as carbonated soft drinks, for a tropical fruit smoothie? Not only is one packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals but it can also evoke those happy feelings and memories of summer – check out our summer apple cider vinegar smoothie recipe for more information.

(As we’ve mentioned food...) A Substantial Breakfast. They say that breakfast is ‘the most important meal of the day’; the foods you consume just after waking from your slumber provide you with the energy you need to get through the day. With winter mornings being dark and often miserable, you’ll probably need all the energy you can get! Perfect foods you could have, that help you to feel fuller for longer (and thus reducing the chances of you having to snack mid-morning) include oat-based cereals, such as porridge. Why not have it with a apple cider vinegar drink to provide that flavoursome healthy boost when it’s needed the most?

Try ACV For Yourself

If you’re interested in experiencing the natural goodness of apple cider vinegar this winter, then please feel free to browse our extensive range here at Comvita. Our ACV is unpasteurised (contains the Mother) which means that it retains all the natural proteins and enzymes that would be otherwise removed in commercial processing.

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