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Beat Those Pesky Back To School Bugs – With Manuka Honey

Beat Those Pesky Back To School Bugs

The summer is over and the kids are back at school, which can only mean that the days will grow long and dark, and colder weather will soon be on the way. With the autumn and winter comes natural worries about the health of our kids’ – being in class (especially in winter) with other pupils naturally increases their exposure to bugs. What they need is a natural support – Manuka honeymay just help as they continue to enjoy learning and playing at school.

Looking After Your Family

It can be easy to assume that cold and flu is directly caused by the cold weather – in fact, they are viruses that infect the immune system thanks to their ability to be passed from person-to-person. The cold weather simply provides the ideal conditions for such bugs to thrive. So whether it’s through direct contact with an infected person or through airborne droplets, most of us will be suffering from some sort of cold or flu bug this winter.

With developing immune systems, children are especially susceptible to picking up these bugs – in an environment as busy as a school, you’d imagine that there’ll be a number of bugs being passed around on a daily basis.

Sadly, there is no cure for cold and flu, all we can do is to take measures to avoid them and if we do pick one up, devise ways to soothe our ailments.According to the NHS, cold etiquette tips you should advise your family to undertake (whether they’re suffering from a cold or not), include:

Washing their hands with warm water and soap to eliminate/prevent germs from spreading.

Using tissues whenever they cough or sneeze and to place them in the bin when used.

Don’t share any towels or household items (such as a mug) with anyone suffering from a cold.

They should not touch their eyes or nose area in case they have come into contact with the virus – the eyes and nose offer a front door for the infection to enter and spread around the body.

In addition to these tips (and making sure that your little ones are wrapped up warm for the cold weather outside), don’t forget that their immunity will need an extra boost in order to fight these bugs too – and this is where Manuka honey elixir range comes in, with Vitamin C, D and zinc that contribute to the normal function of immune system.

The Goodness Of Manuka Honey

The honey created from the Manuka plant has been revered by people all over the world for its ability to offer support towards general wellbeing. Whilst using honey (with a bit of lemon1 to soothe tickly throats has been an idea that has been passed through down the ages, it’s important to be aware that not all honey is the same – and Manuka stands out amongst other types for its natural unique quality.

Whilst most other types of honey have some degree of hydrogen peroxide, this element is somewhat unsuitable and can vary dependent upon time, storage and commercial pressing. The main goodness of Manuka honey is provided by Methylglyoxal (MGO) and is much more stable. This is precisely why medical grade Manuka has been specially formulated to create wound healing creams that are used in hospitals and clinics around the world – the perfect example of its infection fighting properties in wounds.

Winter Wellness Elixirs with Vitamins and Zinc, Guarding Immunity For All The Family

If you’re looking for Manuka honey immune support elixirs with Vitamin C, D and zinc for all of the family this autumn/winter, look no further than Comvita. Our Manuka honey elixir has been specially formulated with natural ingredients – vitamins, minerals, herbs and essential oils are combined with our own Manuka to create a concoction that can help to give the immunity of you and your family support.

For children, we have devised a special range of Manuka products, such as our Kids Manuka Elixir that combines vitamins C and D that help to contribute to the normal function of the immune system, along with marshmallow, which may help maintain healthy airways.

For those parents who wish to look after their child’s support on the go, our Manuka lollipops offer a great-tasting healthy treat. Please feel free to browse our range of Manuka products for further information on their ingredients and individual properties.





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