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Black Friday Deals!

Comvita Manuka Honey Black Friday Deals

Ah, Christmas. Is there any other time of the year that causes us to be both excited and anxious at the same time? Just making sure we’re choosing the right gifts can simultaneously reflect feelings of joy and dread – then there’s the cost to think about too.

But don’t be worrying, help is at hand.

Whether you’re on the lookout for something for family, friends or to treat yourself with – Black Friday offers you the ideal chance to get your Christmas gifting in order – AND saves you money in the process.

So if you’re searching for Manuka honey gifts this Christmas, why not take a look at our exciting Black Friday sale here at Comvita?

Why Choose Comvita Manuka Honey?

Connecting people to nature and good health is the very philosophy that Comvita was founded upon back in 1974. We have since grown (from a shed in the New Zealand countryside, no less!) to become a world-leading brand of UMF Manuka honey; our products well respected for their innovation, high-qualities and of course, their authenticity.

We understand that it can be easy, especially online, to come across natural health products that may not be quite what they seem – with the honey from the Manuka plant being one of the rarest in the world, its chemical makeup could be mimicked, paling in comparison.

This is precisely why we strive to promote ethical and sustainable production, as well as constant improvement; every single one of our products scientifically tested for their natural qualities. In the end, it ensures that our customers get exactly what they’re looking for – how can we connect you with nature otherwise?

Our Black Friday Manuka Deals

The best thing about Manuka honey is its multitude of applications – from more ‘traditional’ uses as a baking ingredient and preservative, to a skincare aid or formulated into an elixir or in lozenges with Vitamins to support immunity. There’s seemingly no end to its uses – which is why you can’t go wrong with gifting Manuka for Christmas!

On Black Friday, you can take advantage of 3 For 2 on our UMF Manuka Honey 5+, 10+ and 15+. The ‘Unique Manuka Factor’ is the only ratings system applied to Manuka products that tests for all three indicators of the genuine product. So not only will you be sure that you’re getting the genuine product but you’ll also be better aware of the strength of the honey too.

Our Christmas deals do not end there, oh no. Here are some of our other fantastic seasonal deals:

Everyday Honey 3-for-2 – Combining the natural goodness of Manuka with some other traditional New Zealand-reared honey, our Everyday Honey range is perfect for anyone to try if they’re wanting to place a unique taste twist to their everyday meals. Our Wildlands Honey is ideal for fans of forest honey, whilst our Southernlands Honey offers the unique and unforgettable taste of New Zealand’s South Island. Being 3-for-2, you can even mix-and-match, trying each (or just your favourite)!

Propolis Lozenges 3-for-2 – As the material that the bees use to protect their hives from infection. Presented in lozenge form, they are perfect for those people who are constantly on the go and/or need a quick ‘pick me up’.

Olive Leaf Extract 3-for-2 – It isn’t just Manuka honey and Propolis that we specialise in here at Comvita. We also own a vast olive plantation, growing some of the finest olive trees in Australia. As per our objective of cultivating the most natural of products, we have devised a unique extraction process called ‘Synergy 12’, which keeps all of the 12 key natural chemicals that make olive leaf extract so sought-after. Why not take advantage of our 3-for-2 sale on our 500ml bottles?

This is just a small selection of the seasonal deals that we are running at the moment – do keep up-to-date with our offers page which contains even more fantastic Christmas gift ideas. What’s more, we are giving away FREE menthol pure lozenges with every £55 spent – so be sure to connect yourself to nature and good health with Comvita this Christmas.