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Keep Your Immunity Supported During The Changing Seasons, With Olive Leaf Extract

Keep Your Immunity Supported During The Changing Seasons With Olive Leaf Extract

Whenever the seasons start to change from summer-autumn and later on to winter, many of us will start thinking about ways in which we can boost our immunity for the dreaded cold and flu season ahead. The trouble is that some people often arrive at a suitable conclusion too late, so the best they can hope for is to try and reduce the symptoms they may already suffer with.

A better approach would be to aim to keep our immunity supported throughout the year, so we’re not as vulnerable to the effects of the cold and flu season when it does roll around. Something that olive leaf extract may help with.

How May Olive Leaf Extract with Zinc and Copper Support Immunity?

Whilst the colder temperatures that are a fixture of the upcoming seasons are not a direct cause of cold and flu, they do provide the ideal environment for bugs to exist. The common cold is named so as when a person around us gets sick, we’re more likely to catch the same infection – with kids getting as many as 10 colds a year, along with the average adult getting 2-41, thinking about supporting the immune system, should be at the forefront of all of our minds.

Olive leaves have been used as a support for year-round general wellbeing for centuries; recent times have allowed us to understand that this potential ability has been provided by the presence of a naturally occurring chemical compound called Oleuropein. Research has shown that Oleuropein, a Polyphenol, is able to create a number of positive effects that provide a boost to the body; our Olive Leaf Extract is standardised to 660mg of Oleuropein per dose and formulated with zinc and copper that contribute to the normal function of immune system.

How Else Can I Better Take Care of My Immunity?

In addition to olive leaf extract, you can give your immune system a boost through…

Exercise. By moving the body more regularly, you increase your heart rate. This helps to improve the circulation of immune-boosting white blood cells around the body, as well as cater better for the removal of toxins. It can be easy to assume that in order to experience a good workout you will need to join a gym – in fact, around 30 minutes brisk walking a day falls within the NHS’s recommended aerobic activity levels of 150 minutes a week.

Healthy snacking. Most people love a chocolate bar or a piece of cake as a treat every now-and-then (which is perfectly fine!) but it’s always advisable to be aware of the sheer amount of sugar that you may be consuming. If you like to consume them regularly, swapping every other sugary snack with a piece of fruit, or replace sugary soft drink with olive leaf extract will help you to cut down on sugar and increase your exposure to healthy vitamins and antioxidants provided by fruit, pushing you closer to a healthy, balanced diet

Spend more time outside. The sun doesn’t just pack off for its holidays when the autumn appears; despite the seemingly early time it goes dark, it still shines its Vitamin D-giving light on to us for a significant period of the day. This is why it’s important that you are able to spend as much time as possible outside during the day in Autumn-Winter; exposure to Vitamin D will help the ongoing development of bones, so for growing children, in particular, Vitamin D is vital2. Perhaps you could combine your time outside with your exercise or healthy snacking?

Relive stress. The body is one big collection of parts powered by our brain. If our brain isn’t feeling well, then our body won’t feel well either, it stands to sense. Long bouts of stress can affect the immune system, making it susceptible to illness3. This is why it’s important to be aware of when you feel stressed – and how to alleviate it. Consider detaching yourself from a stressful environment and take breaks when you can. Maybe you can take a short walk or practice meditative breathing to help rebalance the mind?

Have fun. A fantastic way to hit all of these points (including experiencing the natural goodness of olive leaf extract immune support, whilst on the go) is to simply make the time to do more of the things that you enjoy. It can be easy to feel like we have ‘busy lives’ – it’s this feeling that creates stress, which in turn lowers our mood, effects our immune system, causes a lack of sleep and leads us to be ill. By finding the time to have fun, we can help to refocus the mind, create relationships and of course, to give ourselves a strong immune system.

Support Your Immune Support, With Comvita Olive Leaf Extract.

If you’re interested in providing yourself with some olive leaf support during the autumn and winter seasons, please feel free to browse our range here at Comvita. Our olive leaf extract is created exclusively from our plantation in Australia, one of the largest olive growth areas in the world, in fact. We believe that we all should strengthen our connection to nature and good health – so we can guarantee that our OLE has been created naturally, without any additional processing designed to artificially boost Polyphenol Oleuropein levels.

Please feel free to browse our range of olive leaf extract and click on individual product pages for further information. If you have any questions about any aspect of our products here at Comvita, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly today. You can call us 01628 779 460 or send an e-mail to [email protected]






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