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Manuka Honey (And 8 Other Ways) To Boost Your Energy Levels This Autumn and Winter

Manuka Honey And 8 Other Ways To Boost Your Energy Levels This Autumn Winter

The arrival of autumn and winter means that the days turn dark, we tend to spend more time indoor and are less active. Commonly known as the ‘cold and flu season’ the next few months will see many of us feel rundown that sap our energy.

In order to beat those winter blues, many of us will be turning to local local health stores or pharmacies to look for extra support we need to get us through.

Manuka honey has been praised by celebrities and the public for many years now, for its versatility in providing support to general wellbeing; from a hot lemon and honey when you feel run down to contributing to the healing process of broken skin.

In this blog, we’re going to cover why Manuka can help to support general wellbeing, as well as give you 8 other energy boosting tips for the autumn and winter seasons.

The Goodness of Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is native to New Zealand’s North Island and contains a unique chemical makeup that is not available elsewhere in the world. Its goodness are more stable than most other honey types, due to it containing a chemical called Methylglyoxal (MGO). Whilst other types of honey rely on hydrogen peroxide, Manuka does not. In Manuka, MGO occurs naturally, it can be said to be a much superior (as well as unique) product.

Other Ways To Boost Your Energy

Whilst Manuka honey can help to support our general wellbeing, there are other ways in which you can strengthen your body’s natural defence system, these include:

1.Manage stress – Stress-induced emotions consume a vast amount of energy, potentially leading to a breakdown of immune protection. Relaxation therapies such as meditation, yoga, tai chi and self-hypnosis are all effective tools in managing stress. Even something like talking with a friend or relative about any issues can help to diffuse stress.

2.Don’t overwork – One of the main causes of a lack of energy (and stress, funnily enough) is that we tend to overwork; be it through our jobs, our home life or because of any social obligations. Try to understand the areas in which you are ‘giving too much’ and streamline a list of ‘must do’ activities, realigning your priorities. Also, remember to ask for extra help if necessary.

3.Take exercise – Exercise does not only help you to keep fit and healthy but it can also ensure that you are able to sleep soundly AND provides your cells with more energy to burn, circulating oxygen in the process. Exercise is also a great way to relax too, causing the body to reduce hormones commonly linked to stress. But don’t worry – you do not need to go off running marathons or paying a hefty fee to join a gym; just an increase in your usual everyday exercise can have benefits. So even an extra brisk walk every day will help – maybe ditch the often-stressful car for a walk to work in the morning?

4.Avoid smoking – Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health in general; but did you know that it also saps energy out of us too? The nicotine contained in tobacco is a stimulant which speeds up the heart rate, raises blood pressure and stimulates brain activity – not helpful if you want to experience a good night’s sleep at some point.

5.The Importance of Sleep – Imagine you’re a mobile phone that is on 1% battery and you’re only charged up to 50%; you’re not going to last all day, are you? (So forget about being used for browsing on the web). This 21st Century analogy is perfect to highlight the need for humans to sleep – if we don’t recharge ourselves to our optimum levels, then we cannot expect to function at our best all day. Around 7 hours is considered as the optimal level of sleep an adult needs to avoid fatigue every day.

6.Intelligent snacking – Believe it or not, it’s actually healthier to eat small meals and snacks every three hours (especially with Manuka honey!) than just three large meals a day. Taking this approach will help to boost your energy because your brain constantly needs a supply of nutrients to keep it ticking over – it’s choosing the right snacks that matter. Foods that contain a low GI (glycemic index) means that their sugars are absorbed into the bloodstream slowly, which may help to avoid the lag in energy that normally occurs after eating foods that are high in sugar and starches. Foods that have low GI levels include whole grains, high-fibre vegetables, nuts and healthy oils, such as olive oil. High carbohydrate foods generally contain high GI levels, so swapping these for lower GI levels will provide a healthier energy boost throughout the day.

7.Don’t overdo the coffee – Any caffeinated drink works as a stimulant but too much of it will likely cause issues later in the day, especially at night when you want to sleep1. Drinking coffee is best done in the morning to help to sharpen the mind, waking it up for the day ahead. Having some in the evening may keep the mind ticking over when it really should be winding down.

8.Drink plenty of water – Whilst highly-stocked, flashy graphically designed cans of ‘energy drink’ will try and persuade you that they provide you with a boost, the only nutrient that has shown to provide the body with a healthy boost is water. One of the reasons that the body experiences fatigue is that it hasn’t had enough hydration to keep it going2 – always be sure to hydrate, especially throughout the day and before, during and after exercise.

Comvita Manuka Honey – Ideal For All Of The Family

If you’re looking for extra support for all of the family this autumn and winter, why not take a look at our Manuka honey range here at Comvita? We have formulated a number of products with Vitamin C, D and zinc that may contribute to the normal function of immune system, and our Medihoney range can help to calm eczema-prone skin. Why not take a look at our offers page too for some great money-off deals on some of our popular winter wellness products?






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