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New Olive Leaf Extract: History & FAQs



Olive Leaf Extract – History & FAQs
Recently we have had a lot of people contacting us about our Olive Leaf Extract, which is great! We love to hear from our customers and potential consumers. Seeing as we have our new Olive Leaf Extract blister packs out, we thought this would be a good time to address your questions and queries. So this article will sum up our most popular FAQs on Olive Leaf Extract and hopefully give you all the information you’ll need to make your own purchase decision on it.
What is Olive Leaf Extract?
Olive Leaf Extract is a natural product, extracted from one of the most versatile trees within the plant kingdom. With the potential to live for 2000 years; the olive tree, olive fruit and olive leaf have contributed to health since ancient times. Numerous cultures, including ancient Egyptians and many Mediterranean cultures used the Olive Leaf for a variety of health conditions, including infections, fever and pain. 
Then, at the dawn of the twentieth century, scientists isolated Oleuropein from the olive leaf. It was believed that this bitter compound was the key to the olive tree’s antioxidant properties, a notion that was later lent credibility by a Dutch scientist’s discovery that elenolic acid - one of the primary ingredient in Oleuropein - inhibits the growth of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. 
We farm Olive tree’s naturally using vermiculture (worm created fertilisers) and pristine irrigation water, combined with immediate transfer of freshly harvested leaves to the processing plant. From the growing of our trees to the bottling of our extract, we have total control over the entire production process.
Recent research by two Australian universities shows that Comvita’s globally unique olive leaf extract 'made from fresh leaves' contains 30 times more antioxidants than the equivalent amount of the best virgin olive oils. 

What uses does Olive Leaf have today?
While some people are using it throughout winter, many more are finding it improves wellbeing all year round. The Mediterranean diet is often praised as one of the world’s healthiest diets due to the abundance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and olive oil; whilst also featuring lean sources of protein (fish and poultry). Here are some of the reasons that Olive Leaf Extract is used today:
  • Immune support –New capsules have been specially formulated with zinc and copper, that contribute to the normal function of the immune system.
  • Managing cardiovascular risk factors – studies at the university of Reading showed that average blood pressure, plasma total, LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides were significantly lower after six weeks of Olive Leaf Extract.

Popular FAQs for our Olive Leaf Extract answered
  • Can you take Olive Leaf Extract with other medications? – We would always advise that you consult your healthcare practitioner. It is always best to work with your health professional so that they can give you the best possible advice regarding medicine/supplement interaction.
  • Is Olive Leaf Extract Liquid gluten free? – Yes, our Olive Leaf Extract is 100% gluten free, even the mixed berry flavour.
  • Does Olive Leaf Extract need to be refrigerated? – No. However, keeping the product away from direct sunlight in a cool place will protect its active ingredients from deterioration.
  • What does Olive Leaf Extract taste like? – The bitter taste of the Olive Leaf polyphenols is mixed with the sweetness of glycerine (glycerol) to give our complex a distinctive sharp tone.
If you’re going away or on holiday and want to keep your immune system* up without having to take an Olive Leaf Extract bottle with you, then take a look at the new Olive Leaf Extract blister pack. Containing 15 capsules per pack, it’s perfect for long getaways, holidays and business trips. 
*Contains zinc and copper that contribute to the normal function of the immune system.