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Support Your Immunity This Autumn & Winter - Olive Leaf Extract with Zinc and Copper

Support Your Immunity This Autumn & Winter Olive Leaf Extract with Zinc and Copper

We all live busy lives, so the last thing we need during the upcoming cold season is to feel ill, uncomfortable or worse – spending time out and disrupting our schedules, causing no end of chaos. Whilst there is no cure for cold and flu bugs, we can still take steps to guard our immunity, even whilst we’re on the go.

So if you’re searching for some extra immune support this autumn and winter, why not include olive leaf extract with zinc and copper in your daily routine? OLE, a natural polyphenol, with zinc and copper that may contribute to the normal function of immune system, helping you to go about your daily schedule as you should be doing and not worrying about the pesky bugs, leaving you feeling energised and bright, even in the bleakness of winter.

The Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract with zinc and copper may offer support to the normal function of immune system ; OLE contains a polyphenol called Oleuropein, which has been studied on the body’s natural defence system. Indeed, further studyhas been done to compare Olive Leaf with other ‘medical herbs’.

In addition to its own goodness, OLE can be combined with other important ingredients that our immunity needs to function, such as zinc and copper. Due to the makeup of some people’s diets, Zinc deficiency can be an issue for some people so the taking of it, may provide multiple benefits.

Aside from immune support, Olive Leaf Extract has been scientifically researched in cardiovascular health, specifically in relation to LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Elements that are related to the risk of cardiovascular issues, and your overall health.

Comvita Olive Leaf Extract Immune Support with Zinc and Copper

Here at Comvita we have a range of olive leaf extract with Zinc and Copper products that have been specially formulated to support the immunity of all of the family during the autumn and winter months.

Created from our estate in Australia (which represents one of the largest olive growth estates in the world) we are able to offer a guarantee that our produce is genuine, traceable and natural – everything they say they are.

If you’re looking for immune support whilst you’re on the go, our olive leaf capsules contain a standardised 66mg dose of Oleuropein, with the immune-support goodness of Zinc and Copper. Each pack contains 15 daily capsules, ensuring that you are able to experience their benefits for a couple of weeks at a time.

Searching for a more longer-term supply, or are already an olive leaf aficionado? Our Fresh Picked and Mixed Berry OLE multipacks contain 3x500ml bottles that offer our unique immune boosting goodness, which we call Synergy 12. This refers to the extraction process we undertake that is designed for the olive leaves to retain the 12 key polyphenols that naturally occur in their genetic make-up.

There’s a reason why history has recognised the olive tree as ‘the tree of life’ – why not find out for yourself?