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Upgrade Your Iftar: The Benefits of Breaking Your Fast with Mānuka Honey

Upgrade Your Iftar

Honey has been a traditional superfood and Mānuka honey in particular has some unique and scientifically researched properties that make it perfect for your iftar menu during the Ramadan month.

Mānuka Honey Is Not Like Other Honey

Wondering what sets Mānuka honey apart from other types of honey? Well, it’s a pretty long list; Mānuka contains over 2,000 phenolic and other natural compounds such as proteins, minerals and vitamins, as well as Methylglyoxal (MGO), giving it a range of wellness benefits that are unique to Mānuka Honey.

A Healthy Sugar Alternative

Speaking of wellness benefits, Mānuka honey is a great way to keep your iftar menu full of tantalising sweet treats without using table sugar. Mānuka honey is a complex natural food that has a lower calorie content (by weight, compared to sugar), moderate Glycaemic Index and complex micronutrient profile, making it a healthier alternative to other common sweeteners such as table sugar. Foods with moderate glycaemic index, like Mānuka honey, pineapple and paw paw, won’t lead to a big sugar spike like table sugar, helping you to manage your blood glucose levels. As with all sweet foods though Mānuka Honey should be eaten in moderation.

And on top of that, Mānuka honey contains essential amino acids that are also found in healthy foods such as fish, eggs and quinoa. These amino acids aren’t produced by our body, we can only get them from food.

The Benefits Of Flavonoids

Well, it turns out there are a few more things – but let’s just step back and explain what these actually are first. Phenolic acids and flavonoids are well-known for their antioxidant activities. Mānuka honey carries an abundance of flavonoids (as well as foods like kale, but we know which one we think is more fun…) which makes Mānuka honey a healthy addition to your iftar menu.

Comvita’s Mānuka Honey

You might have noticed by now that we take our Mānuka honey very seriously. Every batch is carefully selected from New Zealand’s Mānuka forests and passes through our dedicated lab for a series of tests to make sure it’s the highest quality. Our in-house scientists have pioneered research into Mānuka honey and its benefits, and we were the first to discover Lepteridine™ 3,6,7-Trimethyllumazine, a unique compound only found in Mānuka honey. We’re the only company that tests our honey for this compound and testing for this, alongside other characteristic compounds, verifies that our Mānuka honey is real, authentic Mānuka honey.

Comvita’s Mānuka honey is UMF™ certified. The UMF™ rating system is the gold standard for independent assurance of origin, quality and potency of Mānuka honey. UMF™ measures the presence of 3 key compounds in Mānuka Honey, DHA, MGO and Leptosperin – these compounds indicate purity and potency of Mānuka honey.

On top of all that, our Mānuka honey meets our triple test guarantee. We test all of our Mānuka honey to ensure that it contains only natural MGO, that it has verified MGO levels and that MGO levels are maintained for the entire shelf life.

Special offers

Don’t worry – you don’t just have to take our word for it on all these brilliant properties. We’re running some amazing special offers so you can try them all out for yourself. Between all its protective properties and its naturally sweet taste, Mānuka honey is an easy choice for Ramadan and beyond. All that’s left now is to decide which tasty treats to serve it alongside. Ramadan Mubarak!