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Winter Support – With Olive Leaf Extract

Winter Support With Olive Leaf Extract

As we’re now in the middle of winter, our thoughts may head towards taking steps to maintain our immunity. With a drop in a temperature, comes a plethora of pesky winter bugs that cause havoc with our daily lives – with Christmas and New Year coming up, it’s especially important for us all to feel fit and well to enjoy what the season has to offer.

One way that many people go towards to maintain their immunity, is the taking of natural health products – such as olive leaf extract with zinc and copper that contribute to the normal function of immune system.

Olive Leaf Extract with zinc and copper– Natural Immune Support

The olea europaea (‘olive tree’) is perhaps better known for its production of a product that can be used in skincare or in cooking – olive oil. This substance is extracted from the fruits grown on the tree and has been used for hundreds years – as has the extract from the tree’s leaves.

The extract from olive leaves has also been used throughout history for its goodness. The Greeks, in particular, being fond of it – using olive extract to anoint kings and prepare athletes. More recent history has allowed for science to understand that their apparent goodness may be down to a group of chemicals called polyphenols. This compound has been assessed in clinical trials in regards to cholesterol and blood pressure – making it ideal to use during our everyday wellbeing routines.

The other common use of olive leaf extract with zinc and copper is as a support for the immune system. With winter working our immunity overtime, it needs all the support it can get.

With science backing up their historical use, many people are turning to OLE with zinc and copper to help support their winter wellness. If you think about that, on average, adults can get as many as 2-4 colds a year (as many as 10 in children), we all need that extra immune support. With its natural goodness, olive leaf extract may offer the ideal assistance.

Why Not Try OLE For Yourself This Winter?>

Having been supplying natural wellbeing products for over 40 years here at Comvita, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of research, cultivation and production in order to ensure that our products are able to offer our customers a true taste of nature.

Whilst there may be other wellbeing products that use reconstituted powders or ingredients that have been boosted artificially with Oleuropein (thus lessening the quality of the natural chemical’s benefits), Comvita olive leaf extract is made from fresh olive leaves. Our unique extraction process ‘Synergy 12’ sees all of the natural polyphenols retained.

Why not try some for yourself today? Our range of OLE includes:

Natural Value Pack – Natural as nature can be. Picked fresh at dawn and concentrated before midday to ensure the capture and detainment of its natural goodness, our olive leaves are cultivated and packed on our plantation located in Queensland, Australia. As a result of our meticulous processes, our OLE is able to maintain its 12 key polyphenols.

Mixed Berry – Looking to experience a truly unique taste experience? We have combined our natural fresh olive leaves with mixed berries flavour to offer a natural wellbeing product with a wholesome taste.

Olive Leaf Capsules – New to OLE or are simply looking for something to take ‘whilst on the go’? Why not try our olive leaf extract capsules? Containing zinc and copper that contribute to the normal function of immune system, they may offer that perfect ‘pick me up’ for when its needed the most.