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What are the Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract?

Comvita olive leaf extract

You may already be aware of the great benefits provided by olive oil – the positive effects it provides sees it used in a wide variety of ways; whether it’s in healthy Mediterranean cooking, or in skincare. There is another part of the olive tree, that has a higher level of benefits that you may not know about – it’s the Olive leaves.

Olive Leaf Extract though less well known than olive oil extracted from the fruits, is nevertheless a precious traditional herb with therapeutic benefits that has been used for hundreds of years. The polyphenols that make up this powerful plant have been scientifically proven to provide benefits to your body. Our range of olive leaf products is specifically designed for immune and cardiovascular support and can easily be included as part of our daily wellness routines.

Let’s look at these benefits more closely and explain why we all should consider improving our health with Olive Leaf Extract.

Olive Leaf Extract: Benefits Proven by Science

One of the main compounds contained in Olive Leaf Extract is called Oleuropein, which may contribute to healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels and more. The benefits provided by Olive Leaf Extract include:

May Help Reduce Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

A study released by the University of Reading has shown that average blood pressure, plasma total and LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides were significantly lower after six weeks of Olive Leaf Extract intake compared to those taking a placebo treatment. This demonstrates the positive effects on the risk factors of cardiovascular disease. Reduction in diastolic blood pressure is associated with a 6-7% reduction in cardiovascular disease risk and a 10-15% reduction in stroke and heart attack. The effect of the Olive Leaf Extract on blood pressure may be associated with a 9-14% reduction in cardiovascular disease risk, making it a useful addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

May Help Support Blood Sugar

A study released by The Liggins Institute, The University of Auckland, has shown that supplementation with fresh olive leaf extract for 12 weeks in middle-aged overweight individuals may help support blood sugar and insulin levels – crucial to glucose regulation and the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Healthier Skin

The great benefits of olive leaves don’t just extend to the inside of our bodies – it’s great for the outside too. A study of Olive leaf extract has seen its effects to improve blood flow, reducing skin reddening and even provide hydration. The high levels of polyphenols within olive leaves have also been known to have positive effects on reversing damage to the skin – helping us to look healthier and younger.

Immune Support with Comvita™’s Olive Leaf Extract

It’s all thanks to these health benefits that olive leaves continue to grow in popularity amongst people who are searching for a holistic approach to improving their general health and wellbeing. Our range of Fresh Olive Leaf Extract that has been grown, harvested and extracted from our farm in Queensland, Australia, ensure all the goodness are preserved from the fresh leaves. The capsules are combined with Zinc and Copper which contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

In the form of both liquid and capsules, Comvita™ Fresh Olive Leaves have great year-round benefits in giving support to your immune system.

How Olive Leaf Extract Can Support Your Immunity

Health & Wellbeing

How Olive Leaf Extract Can Support Your Immunity

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