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Antibacterial Wound Gel™ 50g

Antibacterial Wound Gel™ 25g

Medihoney® Antibacterial Wound Gel™ with Manuka Honey - Clinically Proven To Support Wound Healing

What is Medihoney® Antibacterial Wound Gel™?

Medihoney® Antibacterial Wound Gel™ is not your everyday edible Manuka honey. What makes it different? It is a sterilised medical grade Manuka honey with standardised antibacterial activity, especially formulated for topical use. It is clinically proven to support wound healing and reduce the risk of infection. It is also suitable for use on eczema wounds to support healing. Serious or larger wounds should be managed under the supervision of a healthcare professional.


Does Medihoney® Antibacterial Wound Gel™ work?

Available since 1999, there is over 20 years of research and safety data including over 130 case studies, laboratory studies and randomised controlled trials, supporting the wound healing properties of Medihoney® Antibacterial Wound Gel™. It’s also proven to protect and reduce the risk of infection.

Medihoney® Antibacterial Wound Gel™ is used in homes, hospitals and clinics around the world with outstanding results. Comvita has licenced Integra LifeSciences to sell an advanced range of Medihoney® products into healthcare settings.