A field of olive trees where Comvita collects ingredients for Olive Leaf Extract.

Benefits Of Mediterranean Diet And Olive

The first step in cardiovascular health management is to take regular exercise and follow a healthy diet, such as the traditional Mediterranean diet. Extensive research over many years has shown that people who follow a Mediterranean diet, which includes moderate intake of olive oil, and high intake of fruits and vegetables, are protected against cardiovascular issues.

Research shows that specific plant compounds from olive trees, called phenolics, in the Mediterranean diet improve cardiovascular health and may assist in stabilising blood pressure and blood fats. The beneficial polyphenols are concentrated in the leaves of the olive trees: 100g of fresh olive leaves contains around 60 times more of these beneficial compounds than 100 ml of extra virgin olive oil.

Scientific Evidence Of Olive Leaf Extract

Published data from several gold standard, randomised, placebo-controlled, clinical research studies show that Olive Leaf Extract
may support cardiovascular health in 4 ways:
A graph showing that blood vessel elasticity is much higher when taking Comvita Olive Leaf Extract rather than placebo.

Blood Vessel Elasticity & Blood Pressure

When blood vessels are stiff it allows blood waste to stick and form plaque which can cause problems in blood pressure and increase the risk of heart health. Increasing blood vessel elasticity prevents the build up of this waste, which helps to keep the cardiovascular system healthy. A randomised, blinded, clinical trial* showed that taking Olive Leaf Extract improves blood vessel elasticity by over 400% compared with a placebo.

The graph showing that with Comvita Olive Leaf Extract consumption the blood waste removed more effectively compared to placebo consumption.

Blood Pressure & Waste

A second randomised, blinded, clinical trial showed that Olive Leaf Extract may assist in stabilising blood pressure and remove more than 30 times more blood waste than placebo treatment.This waste builds up in the blood vessels forming plaque and causing them to narrow. Removing blood waste lowers the risk of people developing heart health.