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Our unique Triple Test Guarantee

When it comes to comvita manuka honey, there really is no comparison

Comvita has been perfecting Manuka honey since 1974, no one knows Manuka honey like us. Only Comvita Manuka honey offers Triple Test Guarantee. As a member of UMFHA, we comply with the UMF ™ standard to ensure the authenticity, quality and purity of the product.

Triple test guarantee

Not all Manuka honey is the same. Comvita Manuka honey comes with a 'Triple Test Guarantee' to ensure the origin and the efficacy of the honey in three distinct ways. It guarantees:

  • Natural MGO. Comvita guarantees only naturally occurring MGO, which is tested for by the presence of Leptosperin. Leptosperin is a naturally occurring compound in Manuka nectar and its presence ensures the MGO is of a natural Manuka source. The more MGO the more Leptosperin you will see in genuine Manuka with a natural MGO source.
  • Verified MGO levels. Comvita Manuka honey has been independently tested by the UMF Honey Association (UMFHA) standard to contain verified MGO levels (MGO indicating the level of antibacterial activity).
  • MGO maintained for shelf life. Comvita ensures the antibacterial properties of its Manuka honey are maintained over shelf life by testing for Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), the compound which turns to MGO over time. MGO naturally decreases over time, with extensive science research and vigorous testing, Comvita guarantees that the MGO level stays the same or above what’s on the label for the entire shelf life.

We take enormous pride in producing monofloral Manuka honey that you can trust.