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What Is Propolis?

Commonly known as “bee glue,” propolis is a collection of resinous substances that honeybees collect from tree buds, trunk wounds or other botanical sources. ​ The resins that the bees collect are part of the plants natural immune system; they protect the plants from infection and the harmful effects of UV light.

Bees mix these plant resins with saliva, enzymes and beeswax and use it to seal unwanted holes and gaps in the hive to protect it from bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

The name Propolis is derived from the Ancient Greek words “προ” pro (meaning “in defence of”) and “πόλις” polis (“city”).​ This refers to the observation that bees build a wall of propolis at the front entrance of their colony to defend or protect the hive.​

Propolis contains more than 300 naturally derived bio-active compounds. These flavonoids and phenolics are what make Propolis a powerful natural defence, it may help:

PFL Quality Mark, Our Guarantee​

One of the challenges when shopping for Propolis is the lack of standardisation across available brands. To address this problem, Comvita created the PFL™ standard, ensuring that you receive a guaranteed minimum level of 8 key bioactive flavonoids and other naturally occurring phenolics in every single dose