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Wounds and Burns

Wounds and Burns

Manuka honey has antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal properties and unique antibacterial non-peroxide activities. These special properties enhance its wound healing ability above and beyond other honey types.

Laboratory studies have shown that manuka honey inhibits a wide range of pathogenic bacteria including Streptococcus aureus that is common cause of skin infections.

Multiple clinical trials and case studies have demonstrated the efficacy of medical grade manuka honey for the treatment of a variety of wounds.

  • In one double-blind, randomised, controlled clinical trial of 63 patients with diabetic foot ulcer, treatment with Medihoney™ manuka honey dressings resulted in significantly faster wound healing (31 days vs 43 days)
  • In another randomised controlled clinical trial of 105 patients with various wounds, treatment with Medihoney™ manuka honey dressings resulted in faster wound healing (100 days vs 140 days) compared with conventional dressings and the Medihoney™ treated patients were 30% more likely to heal.

Topical uses of manuka honey

Note: The scientific evidence discussed in this section refers to use of sterile medical grade honey and not culinary honey sold in a jar. Only sterilised medical grade honey should be used on wounds, cuts, grazes and broken skin. Medical advice should be sought for serious wounds or infections, we do not advise self-diagnosis or self-treatment with manuka honey in place of expert medical care.