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How To Stay Well During Seasonal Change, Prepare Naturally

How To Stay Well During Seasonal Change Prepare Naturally

So you’re fully aware of the goodness of Manuka honey and want to try some for yourself? With so much choice out there, it can be somewhat difficult to find a product that would truly be of value – what’s the point of paying for something if it is not everything it says it is?The cold and flu season is here again – but there’s no need to get a grimace on and desperately search the local clothing retailer for the biggest, thickest coat you can find; by taking just a few pre-emptive natural lifestyle choices, you can keep your immune system supported through the worst that the season has to offer.

As an ethical producer of Manuka honey here at Comvita, we are constantly researching the effects that the natural world has on our wellbeing. Which is why in this blog, we’re going to give you some tips on how to prepare your immunity naturally for the winter ahead, in an effort to ward off those pesky bugs.

Natural Winter Wellness Tips

Increase your levels of exercise. Okay; we know there are few things less appealing than going out in the cold and wet for a jog. The gym too can be expensive and time-consuming. The truth is that you don’t have to do any of these in order to increase your exercise levels; walking to places (weather permitting, of course) or even doing more work around the home will help the body to move more.

Movement of the body helps to keep it active, which gives the immune system a better opportunity to function as it should. Studies have shown that something as little as 20 minutes of brisk cardio exercise a day can help to provide an anti-inflammatory boost to the body.

Experience nature. Getting outside is particularly important in winter; it’s a common misconception that cold and flu is caused by cold weather, when in fact, it is caused by viruses that are passed from person-to-person. So you shouldn’t let worries about the cold not get you outside for your daily exercise – especially seeing how being around nature can help to relax the mind, cutting down on stress.

Stress can be a big cause of a weak immune system; the feeling it creates sees the release of hormones that affect the normal function of the body (including our immunity1). There has been plenty of evidence that spending more time in nature helps to improve stress levels and as a result, our immunity. It’s obvious when we think about it – we spend more of our time in unnatural environments which creates the stress, so when we’re out in the open we exist somewhere different, somewhere that doesn’t shout STRESS to us. It’s natural, as things should be. Try it.

Look after your diet. The cold weather is a great excuse to lock yourself away and gorge on great-tasting but on the whole, unhealthy foods. We’ve all done it! Our diets are particularly important in ensuring that our immune systems are in tip-top condition  – elements such as vitamin A has shown to be able to strongly support immunity. So think about cutting down on those unhealthy foods and drinks in time for winter, especially those that are high in sugar.

Get enough sleep. Think about your mobile phone; at some point, it needs to recharge away from the calling, texting, surfing, chatting, playing and selfieing. Their batteries soon run down and without a full recharge, many of their functions simply won’t run to full capacity for long. We, humans, are the same – sleep is our recharging point. It’s the time when the body gets to ‘clean house’, reassess and reinforce things that are lagging. When we don’t get enough sleep (the NHS advises that adults get between 6-9 hours of sleep a day), the body will not be able to keep up with the preventative measures it needs to put in place – including our immunity. A lack of sleep will simply open the door for viruses to attack.

Stay hydrated. Ensuring that your hydration levels are topped up is vital for a wide range of issues, including the immune system. Being suitably hydrated will better help the immune system to function as it should; eliminating toxins and waste materials that build up. Being dehydrated can also affect our energy levels and ability to sleep too – meaning that we are less likely to exercise; all triggers that lead to a weakened immune system.

If you are indeed searching for natural ways to support general wellbeing during the autumn and winter months, why not try one of the most unique honey types around? Found only in plentiful supply in certain areas of New Zealand, Manuka honey has been highly rated for its versatility to be formulated to a wide range of uses – from a natural sweetener to a skincare aid – even used in winter wellness products.

Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association which is why we can offer a guarantee that each of our products are of a high quality and created naturally. Why not browse our range of Manuka honey to learn more?


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