Craft your Mānuka Moments

We are so excited to share with you our latest Mānuka Moments eBook. Filled with inspiration and ideas for you to reconnect with yourself, with our tasty UMF™ Mānuka honey at the center of them.

What is a Mānuka Moment?

A Mānuka Moment is about a pause in your day; A pause where you take notice for a mere 60 seconds, taking a step back from the frenzy of the modern world and the constant juggle in your head, and connect with your world. It may be a moment of embodiment with a mindful cup of tea, an intentional moment of being whole heartedly engaged in the conversation with a child or an animal, or simply allowing yourself to notice a daily delight. When we are looking for the good, and taking that moment to appreciate the small things, we allow our brains to start working in a new way. The more we focus on little positive things, the more they will appear.

Manuka Honey beside beside table

We hope this eBook and the wider #MānukaMoments movement helps you on your journey to a healthier and more content life. We know finding time can be hard in today's world, so we want to help you make time because selfcare should not just be for when you are burnt out. We want to support you to prioritise your wellbeing, both mental and physical, for all of the benefits gained from doing so.

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Thanks for downloading the Comvita Mānuka Moments eBook - we hope you find this resource helpful and inspiring when it comes to your own health and wellness journey.

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