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Need honey for lemon and honey? Try Manuka honey

Need honey for lemon and honey Try Manuka honey

Recently, you may have heard about the recommendations from health professionals on coughs. This announcement was made in the ongoing effort to reduce the number of antibiotics we use – cold and flu symptoms cannot be ‘cured’ by antibiotics and therefore supplies are effectively being wasted. Using too many antibiotics (especially for frivolous reasons) also presents an opportunity for viruses that can be treated by antibiotics to grow immune to their effects – leaving us in a weaker position for when we catch them.

Whilst there is no cure, we can at least support our immune systems with things that can help us – Manuka honey elixirs with Vitamin C, D and Zinc may contribute to the normal function of immune system. So if you’re looking at taking honey elixirs to help you stay well this winter, why not try one of most unique types around?

What Makes Manuka honey Special?

Throughout history, honey and lemon has been used as a home remedy1. In recent years, science has allowed us to better understand their goodness, which is provided by varying degrees of hydrogen peroxide – but not all honey is the same and whether its through time, its exposure to heat and/or light, its transportation or commercial pressing methods, hydrogen peroxide itself can be unstable. But Manuka honey isn't.

A product of New Zealand, the honey created from the Manuka plant has been praised for its versatile goodness such as wound healing. Whilst like most other types of honey, Manuka contains a unique chemical compound called Methylglyoxal (MGO) which is more stable. Manuka honey with Vitamin C, D and zinc may provide extra support when you need the most.

Ensuring You’re Getting Genuine Manuka

Thanks to their reputation, the special quality of Manuka are often studied and mimicked – for example, MGO can be synthetically produced and added to honey after it has been reared. This means that there may be products on the market that are not everything they say they are – possibly making them less-likely to offer support to your needs.

This is why here at Comvita, we test our products in order to reinforce confidence in our customers that they are receiving genuine Manuka honey. All Comvita UMF Manuka honey is UMF certified. Unlike others, this particular testing system is designed to specifically look for a number of chemical markers that define genuine Manuka – including MGO, DHA and Leptosperin.

With honey fraud being a particular problem around the world, within the last year the New Zealand government has taken steps to ensure that all exports from the country marked ‘Manuka’ are independently tested. Comvita UMF certified Manuka honey is collected and packed in New Zealand and meets MPI guideline.

Support Your Winter Wellbeing, With Comvita

Feeling rundown in the winter months, why not try our range of Manuka honey? Ideal for anyone who is constantly on the go, our Manuka lozenges are able to offer support when it’s needed the most.

Our menthol and blackcurrant/menthol and peppermint Manuka lozenges have been specifically designed for targeted support; combining the effects of Manuka with added vitamin C – that mat contribute to the normal function of immune system.

If you’re looking to experience pure Manuka, then you can always try our UM10+ Manuka lozenges – please browse our product pages for further information on their individual properties and ingredients.