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Supercharge with Manuka Honey

Supercharge with Manuka Honey

Manuka honey, renowned for its unique properties, is one of nature’s most versatile ingredients to incorporate into your everyday healthy lifestyle. Here are the top ways we recommend to supercharge your day with Manuka honey:

Fig & Almond Manuka honey Breakfast Bars

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Packed with healthy, plant-based protein from nuts and seeds, this breakfast bar with UMF5+ Manuka honey is an ideal option to fuel up for the busy day ahead. See recipe here.

Manuka overnight oats

Not a fan of hot porridge? You can make this no-cooking, delicious porridge the night before! It is easy to prepare and perfect for busy mornings. You can top it with UMF5+ Manuka honey, any dried fruit, seeds and nuts, grated apple or pear. See recipe here.

A comforting Manuka hot drink

Manuka honey has been used for its soothing properties for centuries. It makes great honey and lemon when you need some extra help for the sniffles. For this hot drink we recommend using UMF10+ or above. You can add a few slices of fresh warming ginger for an extra boost.

A spoonful of pure goodness

Not all honey is created equal. Our UMF Manuka honey is triple tested for its MGO, Leptosperin and DHA levels to ensure you quality and purity. For the ultimate soothing support, swallow a spoonful neat. We recommend using high MGO level Manuka honeys - UMF15+ or 20+.