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Why Manuka Honey Is The Bee’s Knees

Why Manuka Honey Is The Bees Knees

You may have already heard about the benefits of Manuka honey – but they aren’t just buzzwords.  From our hives located in the mountainous terrain of New Zealand to homes all around the world; our Manuka products have been offering our customers a unique and versatile support as a clinically-proven medical aid, in skincare, as a general wellbeing support and of course, to place a sweet, unique twist on recipes.

The profile of Manuka has been given somewhat of a boost in recent years, thanks to the celebrity profile that has been bestowed on to it in numerous publications. But what’s behind this praise? In this blog, we’re going to look at just a few aspects as to why the honey created from the Manuka tree is the bee’s knees.

How Does Manuka Honey Positively Influence Our Wellbeing?

Manuka honey is relatively rare – native to New Zealand, Leptospermum scoparium is a bush-type tree that is commonly the first plant to grow upon cleared land. When the honey bee collects the nectar of the Manuka tree, this begins the process of creation for a honey that takes advantage of the plant’s unique genetic makeup that stands out amongst most others.

As a result, the honey from a Manuka flower is shaped into a multitude of products that have been proven by science, to have a number of positive effects as:

An Antibacterial Support. Although most types of honey offer some element of antibacterial support through its inclusion of hydrogen peroxide, Manuka stands out amongst most other types simply because of its non-peroxide antibacterial. The chemical compounds Methylglyoxal (MG) and Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) naturally occur within Manuka.

Clinically Proven Aid. It’s all thanks to these natural antibacterial properties that our specially-formulated MedihoneyAnti-bacterial Wound Gel is used in hospitals and clinics around the world. Clinically-proven to promote the healing process of small wounds and burns and reduce the risk of infection, Medihoney can also help to support an ongoing skincare routine; helping the skin to feel hydrated and fresh.

Soothes Coughs. One of the most well-known uses of honey has been as a support to soothe coughs. The World Health Organization regards honey as a potentially valuable demulcent for the treatment of cough1.

How Can I Be Sure That The Manuka I Buy Is Genuine?

When it comes to honey that portrays itself as ‘antibacterial’ it’s important to note that the chemical MG (as mentioned above) can be added to honey after it has been created naturally. This is precisely why the UMF rating system exists to measure what defines genuine Manuka honey.

The Unique Manuka (Honey)Factor looks for the three natural markers that comprise natural Manuka – MG, DHA and Leptosperin. The test rates the three markers that give the honey its potency – the higher the UMF number, the more powerful the Manuka. This rating is then displayed on the packaging of the product, to make it clear that the buyer is investing in a product that is everything it portrays itself to be.

In order to further strengthen the relationship between the industry, suppliers and customers alike, the New Zealand Government has recently released a new definition in regards to the export of Manuka honey. To summarise, no product that has been labelled as ‘Manuka’ is allowed to be shipped internationally unless it abides by a number of guidelines – including being tested by an independent laboratory.

Comvita’s Range Of Manuka Honey.

Our aim here at Comvita is to connect people with nature and good health. As such, we have specially formulated our products to serve a number of applications. Aside from our Medihoney wound and skincare products, our Manuka elixir and lozenges may offer support to the immune system. If you’re looking to try something new in cooking, or simply want to try something different upon your toast in a morning, our everyday honey range combines Manuka with other New Zealand-reared honey to create a unique taste experience.

With so many uses, this Spring, why not try out the natural goodness of Manuka for yourself?

Contact Us Today To Learn More About Our Natural Health Products.

Please feel free to browse our Manuka product range to learn more. If you would like further information on Manuka honey, or indeed on any aspect of our product range, then we will be delighted to hear from you. Give us a call on 01628 779 460 or send an e-mail to info@comvita.co.uk



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