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    All items ordered with Comvita depend upon availability. We want you to be able to order and receive the products you love effortlessly, so we’ll always aim to let you know if an item is out of stock.

    Now and again there can be an unexpected delay, if so we’ll get in touch to let you know.

    It’s easy to place an order with us. Log-in to your account to begin browsing our range.

    Once you’ve found the product you want, you’ll need to click ‘Add to basket’. You can either carry on shopping or click ‘View Basket’ if you’ve got everything you need; this will give you the option to checkout.

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    Check everything is correct and you’re good to go. We’ll send you an email as soon as the order is on its way.

    Yes, click on the ‘My Basket’ icon at the top of the page and you’ll be able to see the item(s) you have in there so far.

    Use the + button to stock-up on your favourite items, or the – button if you’ve selected too many. If you want to remove an item completely then click the x button.

    Our Customer Service team is always on hand to provide support and guidance. All orders have to be placed through your online account but they’re more than happy to help you do so.

    Get in touch with them now via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    Yes, your delivery address is chosen at the checkout stage. Your order will automatically default to any saved addresses but you can choose to add a new one by clicking ‘Add a new address’.

    We’ll send you an email as soon as your order is on its way. You can also check your account to see the progress of an order or to track it.

    We may ship items separately in the event of one or more of the items being delayed.

    Your account makes it easy to keep track of all your orders.

    Once you’ve logged in you’ll see each individual order that you’ve placed with us. Select the one that you want and you’ll be provided with all the details you need about that order.

    We’ll also send you a dispatch email as soon as your order is on the way.

    Your account will show any previous orders you’ve placed.

    Click on the order you want to view to find out more. If the order has been sent tracked then you’ll be able to click through to track it from your account.

    The email we sent you regarding the dispatch of your order will also let you know when we expect the order to arrive.

    We’re sorry to hear you want to cancel.

    If there is anything that we might be able to do that means you don’t have to cancel, then you can contact our Customer Service team via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

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    You can visit our Returns Policy to help you get the order back to us instead.

    Once you’ve placed your order we cannot make any changes to it.

    If you want to try and cancel so that a new order can be placed, then you’ll need to log-in to your account.

    Select the relevant order and you’ll see that you can choose to cancel individual items or the whole order.

    We’ll send you an email within an hour to let you know if the cancellation worked. Please don’t place a new order until you hear from us.

    We’re really sorry that happened as we aim to provide high quality items to all of our customers.

    So that we can look into this for you, please contact us to tell us more via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    To speed the process up, it’d really help if you could find the information below before contacting us, don’t worry if you can’t though, we can help once you get in touch.

    1. 1. Order Number
    2. 2. Product Name
    3. 3. Details of the fault
    4. 4. Images that support the fault, if applicable

    As soon as we’ve looked into the fault we’ll let you know what we plan to do next by sending you an email.

    We take pride in our products so we’re sorry to hear you’ve received your order damaged.

    Sometimes things can go wrong but don’t worry, as we can help. Please send us a message via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    Please don’t throw the item away, we may ask for pictures of the damage to ensure we take measures to prevent it happening again.

    As soon as we’ve looked into what went wrong, we’ll let you know what we plan to do next by sending you an email.

    We’re really sorry to hear that, sometimes things can go wrong but don’t worry as we can help. Please send us a message via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    We’ll need to know the following information so that we can fix this for you-

    1. 1. Order Number
    2. 2. Incorrect item received
    3. 3. The correct item ordered

    As soon as we’ve looked into what went wrong, we’ll let you know what we plan to do next by sending you an email.

    Sometimes we ship items separately to make sure that any delayed items do not hold up the rest of the order.

    It is therefore possible that the missing item may be on a separate shipment.

    Your dispatch confirmation email will list the items that have been sent. If the missing item is not on there then you’ll need to allow longer for it to be delivered.

    If the item has been sent, then please send a message through via the 'Still need help?' section (below) to let our Customer Service team know and they’ll be happy to help.

    Payments And Discounts

    We offer a variety of online payment methods to ensure our customers can place orders with ease.

    You can select your preferred payment method at checkout. As we take fraud very seriously, you will face validation and authorisation by us and the card issuer.

    We do this to ensure that our customers are safe while they shop.

    If you’re seeing the status ‘Payment Problem’ on one or more of your orders then this means that we need you to check the payment information that has been submitted.

    Click onto the order and you should see an option to resolve the problem. Before re-entering any card details you’ll need to make sure that the expiry date and billing address are correct. We also recommend checking funds in the account.

    If you’ve done all that and still can’t fix the problem then please contact our Customer Service team who’d be happy to help via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    Once you place an order, the payment will show in your account as pending until we send the products to you.

    The pending transaction is telling you that the payment is authorised to be taken.

    If you want to add new payment details then you’ll need to do this at the checkout stage.

    Your new card details will be saved once your order has been placed. This means that next time around you can order your favourite beauty brands with ease. You can manage your saved payment cards by clicking into ‘Payment Cards’ under Account Settings in your account.

    Once you’ve found all the items that you want then click ‘My Basket’, you’ll see a box located below your list of items which says ‘Got a discount code? Enter it here’.

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    We’re sorry to hear your code isn’t working, you’ll need to check that you’re not trying to use more than one code per order and that your item isn’t excluded.

    You can refer to our exclusions list to check.


    We send you an email as soon as your order is on the way, so that you can find out when it will arrive.

    For tracked orders, you can use the tracking link provided in your email or located in your account to check where your order is.

    Have you checked for any delivery cards? Your parcel may have been left somewhere safe, such as with a neighbour or been taken to a local depot.

    Our delivery Information page can give you more information and timescales.

    All our delivery options can be found on our Delivery Information page.
    Our Delivery Information page can tell you the timeframes associated with our different delivery options alongside their costs.

    Don’t worry, if your order cannot fit through the letterbox or requires a signature then you should receive a calling card.

    This card is from the courier and lets you know where your parcel is and how you can collect it.


    Please refer to our returns policy page for more information.

    You’ll need to tell them the reason for the return so they can choose the best option for you.

    Please refer to our returns policy page for more information.

    We want all our customers to enjoy their products so if you’re not happy with your order then you can send it back to us.

    All we ask is that you let us know that you don’t want the order within 14 days of receipt and make sure the products have not been opened.

    To get the order back to us safely please contact our Customer Service team via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    They’ll send you all the information you need, but you can also refer to our returns policy page for more information.

    As soon as we receive your order we’ll review the reason for return and let you know what we plan to do next.

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    We want you to have peace of mind when deciding to purchase with us, so we have extended our returns policy to cover the festive period.

    All we ask is that the item(s) are pristine. Meaning they are unopened, in their original packaging and any retail seals are unbroken.

    Please note that we do not refund postage costs for the return of an unwanted item or order. To arrange your return please contact our Customer Service team via the 'Still need help?' section (below).


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    Manuka Honey

    Manuka honey is collected from the nectar of the Manuka (leptospermum scoparium) tree native to New Zealand. Bees can only collect the nectar needed to make Manuka honey for around 6 weeks of the year when the Manuka trees are in flower. Renowned for its rich flavour, Manuka Honey is recognised worldwide for its unique properties.

    Manuka Honey is different from other honeys. It contains over 2,000 individual compounds which is more than 20-fold higher than pasture honey such as clover, giving it a range of special properties that are unique to Manuka Honey. You can read more about the scientifically researched benefits here.

    Honey has a long history of use since ancient civilisations. Modern scientific research shows that the health benefits associated with traditional uses of honey are not just a folklore. New Zealand Manuka honey, sourced from the indigenous shrub Leptospermum scoparium, exhibits a combination of bioactive properties that give it unique benefits beyond just culinary use.

    Manuka honey is renowned for its antibacterial properties and is well-researched for various topical uses such as treating wounds and burns and eczema and dermatitis. As a food Manuka honey is a delicious-tasting honey that can be taken on its own or in combination with other beverages such as tea. In addition to its use as a natural sweetener, the honey is commonly used as a remedy to help alleviate the symptoms of common colds and winter chills such as cough and sore throat as well as to support gut health. You can read more about the scientifically researched benefits here.

    There is a significant body of scientific evidence to support the unique composition, bioactivity and health benefits of Manuka honey with over 9,000 research papers published in scientific journals. Comvita leads the way in creating and understanding the science behind Manuka honey. Over the last two decades Comvita scientists and research collaborators have authored numbers of research papers, reports and articles and are committed to continuing to push the boundaries of scientific research on Manuka honey every day to understand more about what makes it so special. You can read more about the scientifically researched benefits here.

    Manuka honey is collected from the nectar of the Manuka (leptospermum scoparium) tree native to New Zealand. Bees can only collect the nectar needed to make Manuka honey for around 6 weeks of the year when the Manuka trees are in flower. We cannot comment on the practices of other companies but here at Comvita our beekeeping and honey testing practices ensure that all of our customers around the world are getting real genuine Manuka honey from New Zealand. Our beekeepers carefully consider hive placement, timing of placement and other factors to optimise the collection of pure Manuka nectar needed to make genuine, real manuka honey. Our Manuka hive sites are located in remote locations in New Zealand, these sites are many hundreds of acres in size with very few non-manuka species flowering at the same time as the Manuka trees, because of this the bees can collect pure Manuka nectar.

    Manuka contains many unique compounds not found in other honey types making analysis and verification of honey floral origin and purity possible. All of our Manuka honey undergoes rigorous scientific laboratory and quality testing for food safety, purity and potency. We use advanced analytical chemistry techniques to precisely measure the quantity of a range of unique Manuka honey compounds to verify the honey’s floral origin, its potency and to ensure that it is true to label. All Comvita UMF™ Manuka honey products are tested and certified as monofloral Manuka honey. UMF™ is an independent certification and is the gold standard test for the purity and potency of Manuka Honey, it measures the presence of 3 signature compounds found in Manuka honey including leptosperin that cannot be purchased commercially and is not found in any other honey type, this makes it an ideal compound for confirming authenticity. We also test all our honey for the presence of Lepteridine™ 3,6,7-Trimethyllumazine, a unique Manuka honey compound recently discovered by Comvita Scientists. No other company can test its honey for this compound. At Comvita we also test to ensure all of our Manuka honey meets the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) standards, this tests for four additional Manuka compounds and the presence of Manuka pollen DNA. All of our domestic and export monofloral Manuka honey meets the same UMF™ and MPI standards meaning that, wherever they buy our product, our consumers around the world can be confident that they are buying genuine monofloral Manuka honey from New Zealand. Learn more about the science in identifying real Manuka here.

    UMF™ stands for Unique Manuka Factor, an independently certified quality assurance mark for genuine New Zealand monofloral Manuka honey. UMF™ measures both the purity and quality of Manuka honey based on the levels of three unique signature compounds: leptosperin, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), and methylglyoxal (MGO). Comvita adopts a dual grading system - MGO & UMF™ to provide additional assurance to consumers.

    The MGO lettering is the shorthand for ‘Methylglyoxal’, the dominant active component in Manuka honey, used to measure anti-bacterial activity. Labels with MGO (plus a number) explain the presence of Methylglyoxal in the content. The minimum for a monofloral Manuka honey is MGO 83. The higher the number, the higher the MGO level.

    Measuring only one compound, such as MGO, is not sufficient to ensure that compound is from a natural Manuka honey source. That's why Comvita adopts a dual grading system - MGO & UMF™ to provide additional assurance to consumers.

    In Singapore it has been found that a company was adding synthetic MGO to honey to achieve test results, it is important to check all 3 markers are presented in the Manuka.

    Other measuring tools such as 'Active', 'NPA' are used at the discretion of the producing company, with no third party checks in place.

    Comvita has a long-term reputation for integrity. Our testing data shows our UMF™ Manuka Honey has consistently met or exceeded the stated UMF™ level. The amount of testing and quality requirements add to the quality and price of our brand. Comvita is the leading producer of UMF™ Manuka Honey, our integrity is important as we sell our honey products globally and must meet stringent requirements in all markets.

    We are very selective about the honey we source and the beekeepers we work with – we only source the best and we test it to make sure.

    All honeys are antimicrobial to some extent. The high sugar, low pH and low water content of honey creates an environment which is unfavourable for bacterial growth (Molan 1992a, Bogdanov 2004). Most honeys also release hydrogen peroxide when diluted which kills bacteria. This hydrogen peroxide is generated by the enzyme glucose oxidase, which is added by bees to nectar during the honey-making process.

    Manuka honey has a unique non-peroxide antimicrobial activity that distinguishes it from the other honey types. In comparison to the peroxide-based antimicrobial activity found in other honey types, the non-peroxide antimicrobial activity of manuka honey is highly stable, making manuka honey excellent for antimicrobial uses such as wound care.

    Manuka honey also carries an abundance of other bioactive plant-derived compounds such as phenolic acids and flavonoids (Russell 1990, Stephens 2010). Phenolic acids and flavonoids are well-known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities (Gutiérrez-Grijalva 2016) which may explain some of the health-benefits reported for manuka honey.

    Rest assured Comvita Manuka Honey is indeed pure, unadulterated Manuka honey. All of our Manuka honey is rigorously tested using internationally recognised testing methods. We comply with New Zealand government Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)’s requirements and UMF™ standard to ensure the authenticity, quality and purity of the product. You can read more about our Triple test guarantee, which ensures the origin and the efficacy of the honey in three distinct ways here.

    Manuka Honey has been taken by pregnant women for many years with no reported problems as a result of its ingestion. As a food, we suggest that UMF Manuka Honey is generally considered safe to take during pregnancy. If you do have concerns, please consult your healthcare professional.
    If your healthcare professional has suggested that honey could be consumed with your condition, Comvita recommends to start with small quantities and monitor blood sugar levels. Indian Ayurvedic physicians suggest that honey serves as a valuable sugar substitute and can be consumed by diabetic subjects. Recent studies suggest that honey is tolerated by individuals with impaired glucose tolerances.
    Honey that is left 'raw' straight from the hive contains bee pollen and parts of the bee hive or the honey comb. Comvita's honey is filtered remove these particles, to ensure you have a raw clean honey.

    Honey is a natural product, influenced by seasonal and regional conditions. Some areas produce paler honey than others. Like a good wine, honey will grow in flavour and darken with age.

    We do not recommend that honey be given to children under the age of one.

    No. Manuka Honey that is purchased in a jar is for oral/internal use only. Comvita® recommends sterile medical grade honey products such as Comvita Medihoney® Antibacterial Wound Gel™ for use on wounds.

    If you suspect counterfeit product, we advise you contact us with as much information as possible so we can take appropriate action. It will be useful for you to provide the details of where you purchased the product (e.g. company name, website address, country you purchased it in), its batch number (it can usually be found near the barcode) as well as clear photographs if possible. We are committed to ensuring customers maintain their faith and trust in our brand, and to protecting consumers.

    Olive Leaf

    The Olive Leaf Extract Blood Sugar, as it is known as in Australia, is simply known as Olive Leaf Extract in the UK.

    Polyphenols are compounds which are found abundantly in natural plant food sources.

    Our new Olive Leaf Extract Immune Support Capsules contain a dose of 66mg of Oleuropein per capsule. You only need to take one a day to get all the benefits of Olive Leaf Extract. Any changes to this dosage should be taken under the supervision of your healthcare practitioner.

    Oleuropein is the active ingredient found in Olive Leaves.

    Comvita Olive Leaf liquid contains vegetable glycerine, a natural ingredient which we use to suspend the extract. Glycerine happens to be sweet, which works well as Olive Leaf Extract on its own as an ingredient is quite bitter.

    We advise you to consult your healthcare professional.

    We advise you to consult your healthcare practitioner.

    Comvita has developed Children’s Olive Leaf Extract to appeal to younger taste buds. Children’s Olive Leaf Complex can be given to children over the age of 2 years at a rate of 5mL (1 teaspoonful) twice daily. Children over two years of age may be given the original flavoured Olive Leaf Extract at 2.5mL (half teaspoonful) 2 to 3 times a day with food. Take up to 7.5mL daily. The new Immune Support Capsules shouldn't be given to children under 8 years of age without medical advice.

    If you are a vegan or vegetarian we recommend that you use the liquid Olive Leaf Extract range which is made from 100% plant derived products. Our current Olive Leaf Extract capsule products contain a gelatin coating which is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    No, as long as it is kept in a cool dry place, away from sunlight, it will keep its active values until the use-by date.

    Comvita's is the only Extract to measure the active Oleuropein.


    Propolis is created by the bees from natural sap and resins found on trees. Trees produce these resins at the site of a plant injury and on new shoots. The bees collect the resin and carry it back to the hive where they mix beeswax and enzymes to make Propolis.

    Propolis contains high levels of active bioflavonoids, with well known antioxidant properties. Propolis helps to support and maintain a healthy immune system.

    The strength of dose is the same, so it is more a question of suitability and personal preference. We recommend Propolis Tincture for teeth, gum and external use; Propolis Extract (alcohol free), Tablets and Capsules to be taken orally for internal use.

    Propolis Capsules should be swallowed with water. Propolis Tablets can be swallowed with water or chewed before swallowing. Propolis Extract can be dropped directly into the back of the mouth and throat, or mixed in water and drunk or gargled. Propolis Tincture should be applied directly by the dropper onto the desired area.

    Vegetarians should choose the Propolis Tablets rather than Propolis Capsules due to the bovine gelatin in the capsule.

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