Olive Leaf Extract

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Olive Leaf Extract



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A liquid Olive Leaf supplement with active oleuropein.

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A liquid Olive Leaf supplement with active oleuropein.

Expiry : 05 May 2024

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REVIEWS - Olive Leaf Extract

Review Submitted 2023-11-18

Pamela Bryant

(Verified Purchaser)

I have used this product for years and is good,

Review Submitted 2023-09-06

Agnes Brempong

Review Submitted 2023-07-10

Garry Williamson

I have been using olive leaf extract for about five years. Ever since COVID started. It great. I take two teaspoons 10mg in the morning and one 5mg in the evening. I don't get colds and infections. Have not had a cold in 5 years and I feel that it is down to this. Highly recommended. Thanks to comvita. The price is the best I have found so far

Review Submitted 2023-05-06

Ann Jane Murray

(Verified Purchaser)

I had a bout of shingles. Treated shingles with essential oils. However did my research on natural ways to deal with the neuralgia shingle pain.. Within one day of taking Oliver leaf shingle pain significantly reduced, within 3 days pain had gone. I regularly take Oliver leaf now and my health has been good. Just prior to shingles I had a horrific UTI then Tonsillitis then shingles. All this happened November 2022, it is now May 2023.I credit maintaining my health to Oliver Leaf.

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