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Manuka Honey vs Regular Honey: What’s the Difference?

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It’s commonly said that honey provides benefits to our daily wellbeing, but with there being a plentiful supply of different types of honeys on the market, it can get confusing how to choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you’ve heard about the benefits of Manuka honey, but aren’t sure what the difference is between that and ‘normal’, culinary honey, here is our handy guide:

The Differences Between Culinary Honey and Manuka Honey

As the majority of honey brands that you may see on a supermarket shelf will probably be intended for culinary use, they are usually pasteurised and filtered. Heated and treated, ‘culinary honey’ is always runny, in a golden liquid form and the heating process reduces the same beneficial nutrients as what are contained in unprocessed honey. Some of the nutrients that are stripped from unprocessed honey include vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes; key elements that may offer benefits to wellbeing.

UMF™ Manuka honey, on the other hand, is subjected to very little processing; from the hive to the cupboard, it’s carefully handled, monitored and tested in order to ensure its purity. Native to the rural splendour of New Zealand’s North Island, the Manuka flower naturally contains MGO, DHA and Leptosperin – the three chemical markers of genuine Manuka that have been studied to have positive effects on our wellbeing. As such, it has been suggested that unprocessed Manuka may provide helpful benefits to our daily wellbeing.

However, it has been a common occurrence for MGO to be added to honey after it has been harvested. Therefore, in order to ensure the genuine production and sale of Manuka, the UMF™ (Unique Manuka Factor) rating system was created. Awarded by an independent body (the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association) the UMF™ tests for those three specific markers of genuine Manuka. Not all harvested Manuka will be at the same level of potency – this is why UMF™-tested Manuka is accompanied by a number that grades its qualities; the higher the UMF™ number, the more potent the Manuka.

Comvita™’s Range of Manuka Products

If you’re looking to add some Manuka honey support to your daily wellbeing, then you’re in the right place. For over 40 years, we’ve been bringing the natural goodness of Manuka to our customers, paving the way for them to #FeelFantastic.

Cultivated from our hives that are located in the gorgeous, mountainous New Zealand terrain, our UMF™ Manuka is tested so to ensure that when you order from us, you’ll be receiving only genuine products that have been fully intended to offer a positive influence on your daily wellbeing.

We are offering a great opportunity for you to try those potential Manuka benefits for yourself. Our products containing Manuka honey include:

Manuka Lozenges

With colds and flu being a fixture of these winter months, all we can do to protect our immunity is to put up barriers to guard us. Manuka honey lozenges can offer naturally soothing properties. Comvita™ Pure Manuka Honey Lozenges are UMF 10+ rated, offering that sweet-tasting potent Manuka support for when you need it the most.

Everyday Honey

Our range of everyday honey blends with up to 25% Manuka honey are a selection of traditional honey favourites from the New Zealand countryside. Ideal for anyone who is fond of giving their recipes a unique, sweet taste and aroma. Our Everyday honey range is unpasteurised to preserve its naturally occurring nutrients. It then goes through a creaming process to give our honey a rich and smooth texture, perfect to spread on toast or drizzle on your breakfast.

Immune Support Elixirs

If you are indeed looking for extra support against the winter ills, why not try out our range of elixirs?

Our Immune Support Manuka Honey and Propolis Elixir is ideal for the winter months, thanks to an all-in-one formula containing zinc, which can contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Explore our full range of Manuka honey products today.

MGO Manuka Honey Grading Explained

Manuka Honey

MGO Manuka Honey Grading Explained

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