Tackle the Tickle: 5 Ways You Can Support Your Child's Immune System This Winter

Runny noses and coughs are something of an annual tradition for families as, during the winter months, viruses such as the common cold become more prevalent in nurseries and schools.


For children with a common cold, coughing is usually caused by dryness, irritation and mucus in the throat. This is often worse at night, disrupting your child’s sleep and prolonging their recovery. A cough may be accompanied by other symptoms such as a sore throat, a blocked or runny nose, headaches, and sometimes a high temperature.


Routine coughs are rarely of serious concern and often fade naturally without the help of antibiotics or other medicines. However, in some cases they can take a long time to subside, making it an uncomfortable experience for the child and their parents.


Whether your child currently has an illness or not, it’s always a good time to act to keep their immunity strong.


Use Comvita’s tips, tricks, and products to manage your child’s winter health with these simple and effective home remedies.


1.     Soothe sore throats

The NHS recommends giving children over the age of one warm drinks such as lemon and honey to soothe a sore throat.


Comvita’s Manuka Honey range is ideal for this. While all varieties of honey contain beneficial vitamins, enzymes, and hydrogen peroxide, the quality can vary based on how it’s produced, harvested, and processed. Comvita Manuka Honey is certified UMF™ 5+ for purity and contains the chemical compound Methylglyoxal (MGO), which is naturally anti-bacterial.


When preparing your warm honey lemon drink, ensure the mug and liquid are not too hot – and of course that your child is supervised while taking the drink.


Comvita offers a range of Manuka Honey products to support the immunity of the whole family throughout the winter. From premium-quality pure Manuka Honey to soothing lozenges and lollipops – we’ve got something to soothe sore throats in kids (and adults) of all ages.


2.     Give relief on the go

Even if your child is well enough to return to school, they might still have a cough, so providing them with a portable remedy can be a good idea. Comvita’s Manuka Honey Vitamin C Lollipops are suitable for children over three years old and come in grape, lemon, and orange flavours. This handy lollipop offers all the benefits of a cough lozenge and is convenient and soothing.


Many parents give their children immunity-boosting vitamins in the winter months as a preventative measure, as well as to aid recovery from coughs and colds. Comvita Manuka Honey Vitamin C Lollipops also contain Vitamin C as an added boost to help your poorly child get back to their usual lively self.


3.     Keep them hydrated

Water is essential for the body to function – even more so when additional energy is being used to fight off viruses and infections.


Having plenty of fluids in the body helps to thin and loosen the mucus that the body is trying to dislodge. This makes coughing more productive and helps the associated irritation in the nose and throat subside quicker.


Warm fruit squash, water, or herbal teas can also help reduce coughing and irritation – but it’s important to avoid fizzy drinks and orange juice as their carbonation and acidity can cause further irritation.


4.     Raise the humidity

Cold air and exercise that causes heavy, laboured breathing can worsen a cough by drying out the airways – so you’ll want to make sure your child stays warm and rested while they’re unwell.


Many coughs intensify at night as the change to a horizontal position causes the body to dislodge mucus at a faster rate, leading to extra irritation which can disturb sleep.


Raising the level of humidity can help alleviate the symptoms. One way of doing this is to take your child to the bathroom and run the shower to immerse them in a warm, steamy atmosphere for around 20 minutes. This can soothe their airways and offer nighttime relief.


If your family is especially prone to winter coughs and colds, consider buying a humidifier. These appliances keep the air in your child’s room moist, making it easier for them to breathe while soothing dry coughs.



5.     Stop the spread

When your child has a cough, hygiene is even more of a priority than usual. Encourage your child to cover their mouth when they feel a splutter coming on – either by coughing into a tissue, their elbow, or their hand. Make sure they wash their hands even more frequently than they would usually. This can help prevent the symptoms from spreading to the rest of the family, as well as speed up their own recovery.


These tips and home remedies are the perfect recipe to promote for winter wellness for all the family.


Discover the full range of Comvita kids’ immunity products.


Visit a doctor if your child:

  • Has a high temperature as well as a cough
  • Is finding it hard to breathe
  • Has been coughing for more than three weeks


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