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Olive Leaf Extract

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Discover olive leaf extract in liquid form, as well as oliveleaf capsules at Comvita™. The olive leaf extract in these products is harvested from our farm in Queensland, Australia; the leaves are processed while they’re still fresh to immediately seal in the concentrated natural goodness. Comvita™ olive leaf extract products contain 20x more active, beneficial polyphenols than Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our Immune Support Olive Leaf Extract products feature olive leaf extract as a key ingredient, alongside zinc and copper for immune support. Shop the full range today.

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Extracted from olive trees at our farm in Queensland, which we specifically grow for their leaves, not their fruit; Comvita™ Olive Leaf Extract is standardised to 66 mg of Oleuropein, which is the active ingredient that delivers the goodness. Our extract also comes with at least 11 other naturally occurring polyphenols - the only Fresh Olive Leaf Extract locking in the 12 polyphenols that naturally occur in Olive Leaves!


Olive leaf extract has been traditionally used to support health and wellbeing and is gaining widespread reputation for its year-round benefits. The ‘natural balance’ in a fresh olive leaf contains up to 20x more health-giving polyphenols than Extra Virgin Olive Oil, providing a more powerful free radical scavenging capacity than when the individual components are isolated – this involves a synergistic action between flavonoids, oleuropeosides and phenols.

  • Supports cardiovascular health

  • Maintains a normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Learn more about The Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract & Olive Leaf Extract for Immune Support.


We use only fresh leaves in our extracts, rather than dried leaves or reconstituted powders. Scientific testing shows that liquid Olive Leaf Extracts made directly from fresh leaves have a broader spectrum potency. By using fresh leaves – harvested at sunrise, and concentrated before lunch – we avoid drying, damage and decay to preserve the natural goodness.

It also means that we are not artificially boosting the compounds in isolation, so we retain the balanced combination of antioxidants as found naturally in the original fresh leaf.


As the world’s largest specialised olive leaf grove, it is very important for us to set a global example in our environmental planning.

100% of our products are harvested in a sustainable manner. Once planted, our olive trees never need replacing, as we simply remove their foliage every 12-18 months and it grows back using the nutrients provided by our homemade worm fertilisers.

We believe that nature intends for the whole environment, and even micro-environments like our farm, to operate in a bio-cycle model.

  • The leaves that we harvest from the olive trees are put through an extraction process to remove only the active ingredients for our supplements.

  • We use the leftover leaf as a mulch to help conserve soil moisture, improve soil carbon, deter weeds and help support a breeding ground for beneficial soil microorganisms.

  • Some of the waste leaf is also fed back to our on-site worm farm. The worms eat the leaves and compost it back into a liquid fertiliser, which we then place back onto the olive trees.

This cycle ensures that the trees continue to source their nutrients as nature intended, from the composting of their own leaf fall. It also reduces the total carbon footprint of the farm, as we do not need to source highly processed fertilisers.

We use an integrated pest management system, where we release beneficial insects to help control insect pest populations.

The entire property has been designed to include a wildlife corridor through its centre. This area of forest and lakes allows the local native animals (koalas, kangaroos, dingoes and more) to travel through.

Our property is located in a relatively low rainfall area and we need to ensure that all of our water usage is carefully monitored and controlled. We only use drip irrigation systems on our olive tree hedgerows, as this is the most water-conserving method. We also have a system installed to recycle the water that is used in the extraction process. This ensures that the water usage requirements are at least 80% lower than traditional methods.